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"So this is Axel, photos taken 4 weeks apart. After I lost my old SB mare I decided to look for a horse I could ‘connect’ with and work through Warwick Schiller’s relationship path. Axel and I clicked straight away, though it was clear from the start he was dealing with some ‘stuff’ emotionally. I have no agenda and no plans to ‘get out there’ with this horse, so after his big move to his new home we just hung out and allowed him to ‘let down’ - this culminated in a range of physical issues, from mud fever to dramatic weight loss and then .... his hair fell out. The photos show day one. By day three he was bald (and I was a blubbering mess!) This was right on Xmas/New Year. We brought him in and I slathered him daily in Hoof and Hair Moisturiser - one week later we had hair! The second photo is taken 4 weeks later - He’s not had another issue since. I regularly use it on his hooves, and he now loves to have it rubbed in when he’s groomed. He wasn’t abused or anything just no longer needed for racing or eventing. It’s been so interesting seeing him relax and change, he’s really adapting well to his life as a pleasure horse and for me it’s been an awakening, really getting to know a horse after 40 plus years of riding. I love your products, really great value and super quality. I also use them on my mini - the detangler is the only thing that rescues his dreadlocked mane."

Louize B.
Rain Scald healed with Hair & Hoof Moisturiser

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